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Futuro Futuro is the leading Italian manufacturer of luxury best quality kitchen range hoods, producing over 200 designer range hood models.

For over 30 years, Futuro Futuro company brings together advanced technology, high-quality materials, world-renowned Italian craftsmanship, and visionary European design, to create outstanding kitchen vent hoods. Our collection of modern kitchen ventilation hoods includes over 200 models of island range hoods and wall range hoods, as well as modular and customizable range hoods.

Produced in Italy, all items are in stock at our New York warehouse, ready to be shipped anywhere in the United States and Canada within 1 business day of placing your order. Unique vision of ultra-modern state-of-the-art design, underpinned by advanced technology, places Futuro Futuro on the cutting edge of kitchen ventilation industry.

best selling range hoods

A kitchen appliance – or a work of art?Breathtakingly beautiful, the "Murano Collecti..
Sale price: $2,095.00

Incredibly slim, the Razor modern range hood packs a technological punch inside its 1.5-inch thick s..
Sale price: $1,495.00

 Designer luxury range hood with unique elliptical body and brilliant polished stainess s..
Sale price: $3,195.00

Simplicity is the goal of this model's design. Nothing extraneous, nothing unneeded. The Plane s..
Sale price: $1,795.00

 Designer luxury range hood with modern cubist body and brilliant polished stainess steel..
Sale price: $2,395.00

Ceiling-mount range hood for whole-room ventilation. Includes wireless remote control.Made in ..
Sale price: $2,895.00

The Moon Crystal series range hoods feature a gracefully curved glass panel, which brings a balance ..
Sale price: $1,895.00

The perfect ventilation solution for custom cabinetry - a complete range hood insert, with internal ..
Sale price: $1,595.00

Timeless elegance is the defining quality of a product that enhances the enduring beauty of AISI 304..
Sale price: $1,995.00

“True ornament is not a matter of prettifying externals. It is organic with the structure it a..
Sale price: $1,895.00

About range hoods

What is a range hood?

A range hood is an appliance designed to remove the air pollution caused by the cooking process. It’s installed above the cooktop or range, in order to remove the grease, steam, odors, carbon monoxide, and other unpleasant substances. Range hoods are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and installation options.

Why do I need a range hood?

Besides the obvious benefits of keeping the kitchen air clean and free of odors, a stylish range hood can become the focal point of the kitchen design. There’s no other appliance that lets you express your sense of style and creativity, as much as a designer hood. Whether your kitchen design calls for a minimalist stainless steel design, or a fancy glass-wrapped creation, Futuro Futuro offers over 200 models of unique, exciting, and unusual range hoods.

What types of range hoods are there?

Generally, range hoods can be divided into 2 main categories, based on their installation: island-mount and wall-mount. If the cooktop or range is located on a center island or kitchen peninsula, then an island-mount range hood - suspended from the ceiling - is needed. If the cooktop/range is situated next to a wall, then a wall-mount hood - sometimes also called “chimney style” - is more appropriate.

Range hoods can also be ducted to the outside, or capable of being installed in a “recirculating”, or “ductless”, mode. In recirculating installation, an additional charcoal filter removes the odors and the scrubbed air is returned to the kitchen. This is useful in situations where installing a duct is impractical or impossible. However, ducted installation is always the better long-term choice, since the ducted hood will be quieter and more effective than a ductless one, and you wouldn’t have the ongoing expense of replacing the charcoal filters.

Are Range Hoods Quiet?

Unlike many other manufacturers, who seem content with sound ratings in the 6+ sones range, one of our core competencies is creating range hood products that are quiet as well as good-looking. Extensive computer modeling, rigorous prototype testing, and innovative engineering, combine to produce range hoods with sound levels in the 0.5 to 3.2 sone range - some of the quietest available on the market!

Not only are Futuro Futuro range hoods engineered from the ground up to be extremely quiet, we also offer optional accessories to make them even less noticeable. The “Remote Blower Kit” accessory is an enclosure with an extension cable, that lets you remove the blower from inside the range hood, and have it installed someplace else; the “Silent System” is a specially-designed multilayer “silencer” that significantly reduces the noise of turbulence from the duct itself.

How To Choose The Right Range Hood?

Since every installation is different, and cooking habits can vary widely, there’s no single “ideal” range hood. A good starting point would be to choose the most appropriate category (island-mount or wall-mount, depending on where your range is located), and then taking a look at the models within that category, whose width is equal or larger than the width of your range.

Of course, our range hood experts will be glad to provide you with a personalized consultation regarding your kitchen ventilation needs. Please visit our “Contact Us” page for the various ways to get in touch with us.

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