Decorating With Metal Kitchen Wall Tiles

Metal kitchen wall tiles can look great in a retro, industrial or modern style kitchen You can buy metal tiles or pressed metal in shiny or brushed finishes and even get them with a design pressed right into the metal. Metal makes a great easy to clean surface for a back splash behind the stove or under the cabinets.

And don’t think that metal kitchen wall tiles have to be cold and sterile looking – you can get them in copper and gold tones that will really warm up your room. Your retro look kitchen can really shine with these tiles on your back splash – if you are doing a 1930’s or 40’s restoration consider the metal sheets with a pressed pattern in them. To get a modern industrial look in your kitchen pair some brushed aluminum tiles with a stainless steel counter and metal faced appliances.

Installing metal kitchen wall tiles is similar to ceramic or glass tiles. You must cut the tiles with a wet saw for those little pieces that you need to fit in an area where a tile does not fit evenly. Lay the tile out from the center to get a more even look to the design. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer which may include affixing the tiles with adhesive, applying calk and wiping down.

Cleaning metal kitchen wall tiles is a breeze. This material resists grease, stains and wear so they will always look good. Of course your tiles will probably get a bit grubby from all the food that splatters up from the stove and counter prep. Simply wipe off with a sponge and warm soapy water or use cleaner as per manufacturers instructions.

Metal kitchen wall tiles come in hand self stick too – just stick them up over anything that you want to cover up. You can get metal wall tiles with cool modern images impressed in them like coffee cups, swirls, dragonflys and hearts as well as classic images of women, shells and other doo-dahs.