New Model: 38″ Skylight – Ceiling/Soffit Mount Range Hood

The innovative “Skylight” range hoods from Futuro Futuro are designed to provide kitchen ventilation for the entire room without obstructing the view. The “Skylight” can be flush-mounted into the ceiling, or installed inside a decorative soffit or custom enclosure.┬áThis unique model’s modular design (separate hood body + modular blower/s) allows it to be installed in a variety of ways – flush-mounted into the ceiling, installed inside a soffit box or custom enclosure, with the blowers either on top of the hood, in the attic, between the joists, or in another location altogether.

Previously available in a 54″ width with dual blowers, the “Skylight” is now offered in a smaller, easier-to-install 38″ width with a single blower providing 940 CFM airflow. All “Skylight” models include a wireless remote control for easy operation.┬áThe “Skylight”, like all other Futuro Futuro range hoods, is made in Italy from the highest-grade AISI 304 stainless steel, and covered by the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty.

Check out the product pages for this unique range hood model series to view complete product information, latest prices & current stock status, and multiple photos:

Ceiling Range Hood - 38" Skylight

Ceiling Range Hood – 38″ Skylight


Ceiling Range Hood - 38" Skylight - Soffit Box Installation

Ceiling Range Hood – Skylight – Soffit Box Installation








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