Making the most use out of your basement

When it comes to our basement the thoughts usually point towards storage and a boiler room right? These rooms are usually out of sight as well as out of our minds until we need to tend to them. However if you put in a bit of tender love and care, a refurbished basement could potentially provide a great way for some homeowners to not only add extra square footage to their property but also utilize that space when it would otherwise be empty and used mainly for clutter.

The big question starts on “Where do I begin?” and to do that you need to understand and plan out what you want this space to become. Before starting any renovations you will need to consider what you would like this space to be as it is crucial to know beforehand what your potential finished project will become, whether it will be your man cave, a media room, a gym or workout area, a home office or maybe even a spare bedroom for guests. Different rooms will need different materials and lighting so plan ahead to save yourself some money as well as your time. An exercise room will require some simple lighting, a few electrical outlets and adequate space for equipment while a spare bedroom may need some new walls to trap heat, new flooring for comfortable walking and other touches to make it livable and enjoyable.

After you have went through all the boxes and storage items you’ve probably realized that half the things you have there you don’t really need and the rest you can position around the house on shelves, cabinets or maybe make use of some half empty closets. Remember to inspect your basement closely now that it’s been rid of the clutter and keep an eye out for any water showing on the concrete walls, cracks in the foundation and any broken plumbing. To make this easier you may consider hiring a contractor or home inspector to take a look at your space before starting any renovations as any problems found should be fixed before you can move on.



Finally once everything is cleaned out and the area has been inspected, browse through some magazines to find any inspiration you may need as well as any remodels to see the possibilities. It’s always good to have pictures in case you aren’t doing all the work yourself to help explain to the contractor what you would like the space to potentially look like once it’s finished. Upon converting your space don’t forget that basements tend to be a little cold if they are underground so ensure that there is proper heating as well as ventilation and that both the electrical and plumbing meet all the requirements. This extra room will give your family more flexibility to enjoy themselves not to mention a higher return if you decide to sell your establishment.


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