Mixing and Matching

This 2-by-1-inch Coastal Keystones collection in straight-mounted Tradewind features Colorbody Porcelain tile from Daltile and glass tile from Oceanside Glass Tile

If you’re thinking of adding a tile backsplash, you don’t have to stick with just one material. Try combining different materials and textures to bring visual interest to your walls. The Coastal Keystones collection from Daltile features both Daltile porcelain body and Oceanside Glass Tile on pre-mounted sheets. While the porcelain offers a traditional sheen, the translucent glass offers depth and variation. If you’re interested in using tile elsewhere, this collection can be used in countertop and floor applications as well.

Mix Colors and Finishes
A Merillat kitchen featuring both Vintage Onyx and Vintage Cardinal finishes.

Mixing cabinet finishes isn’t a new design idea, but it’s consistently effective. With more new bold finish options like Merillat’s new red finish, Vintage Cardinal, you can create a colorful focal point in your kitchen. Red remains a popular choice for kitchens, its warm tones adding bold color in an otherwise neutral kitchen like the one seen above. These painted and antiqued finishes, like the Vintage Onyx that surrounds the range, mix with wood for a varied look.

Mix Shapes
The smooth circular breakfast table complements its attached rectangular Corian island.

Another interesting design choice comes from mixing unlike shapes into your kitchen’s design. This island at the New American Home features opposing materials and geometric shapes that combine to create aesthetically and functionally effective design. An upper island made of Corian solid surface offers a striking contrast to the lower solid wood breakfast table. Most pronounced is the geometric opposition of the rectangular upper island and the circular table create a strong design juxtoposition.

(source: kitchens.com)

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