5 Unconventional Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

By | September 4, 2014

5 Unconventional Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen


The kitchen is probably the most utilized space in the house after the living area. Kitchens are the bread basket and often the soul of any household.

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, from a kitchen nook to an old farm-style kitchen with an enormous table as its focal point. Cool, but what if you want to modernise your kitchen? You want something completely different, something that gives your kitchen a distinct “wow factor”.  Something that does not shout crass and kitsch, but rather screams at the top it its lungs, “I’m young, modern and completely different – look at me!!!”.

Yeah, look at you but what you have done to modernize your lackluster kitchen? A mirror surface appliance doesn’t cut it.

Here are some ideas to blow the modern alternative kitchen competition out the water. Don’t be shy, think outside the bread bin.


1. Indoor hi-tech veggie garden

Grow a high tech vegetable garden in your kitchen – forget about your outdoor veg garden – welcome to the nano garden.

This is vegetable gardening hi-tech style. Hyundai have come up with an awesome indoor veg garden. A compact, modern machine which uses hydroponics and built-in LED lighting to grow healthy and tasty vegetables in your kitchen.


"Nano Garden" Kitchen Concept

“Nano Garden” Kitchen Concept

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants using a mineral-rich nutrient solution instead of soil. The nano garden is equipped with sensors to alert you if the plants need water or more nutrients. These plants would function as natural air cleaners and the garden can grow a range of vegetables even if not in season. Put that in your salad and eat it.

These would be truly organic vegetables – completely free from fertilizers and pesticides. But if you are running out to buy one, don’t… just yet – they are not yet commercially available. Watch this green space.


2. Solar powered kitchen appliances

Who doesn’t love solar power? This infinite source of natural energy which can power, heat and treat, and do pretty much anything. So why not introduce a few solar powered appliances in your kitchen. No need for cluttered power cords and plugs, get it all and power it by the sun. These solar gadgets are super cool, they look awesome, work well and they will save you money.

Instead of powering each appliance individually, you can set up your own solar panels and battery bank and power all appliances through that. Frigging awesome and the hipsters will go crazy.

3. Use a designer kitchen hood

The cooking area is the focal point of the kitchen, the center of activity, the place where “all the cool stuff happens”. Let’s spice it up with a designer ventilation hood!

There’s only so much that can be done about the visual design of a range, cooktop, or a microwave. Different burner grills, different knobs, but by and large, they all look the same.

The range hood is where your creativity and personality can truly be expressed. With 100’s of designs that vary from classic to outlandish and futuristic, there’s a range hood to fit any kitchen space and owner’s personality.

Please visit our main website, www.FuturoFuturo.com, to see the entire collection of 230+ models of creative designer range hoods.

Designer Range Hoods

Designer Range Hoods

4. Get a robot

Not just any robot, a specially designed super cool and functional robotic kitchen helper.

These are amiable, obedient and available at a moment’s notice 24/7. They can perform a range of tasks without complaint or even a hint of eye rolling. They are the ultimate kitchen companion and your mates will be jealous forever. Forget the tall poppy get the funky kitchen robot. He’ll fetch stuff from the fridge, load the dishwasher and clean the counter tops. Certain robots can cook too.

CIROS Robotic Kitchen Helper

CIROS Robotic Kitchen Helper

Source – IEEE Spectrum [CIROS Robotic Kitchen Helper]

In fact a kitchen robot can perform a range of tasks these days from cooking certain dishes to welcoming guests at a restaurant. The also add a level of cool no organic veg garden can match. You’ll have to wait a bit longer; manufacturers are working on a way to stop the bot complaining – as soon as they do – it will be the perfect companion.


5. Go underground (or, “bringing cellar back”)

Just when you thought your kitchen couldn’t possibly get any cooler – it does! Kitchens, even large ones, have limited space to one degree or another. The one underutilised space is under the kitchen floor. This is often a neglected space that can be used for aesthetic or practical purposes.

The best use for this space, create a trapdoor in the kitchen floor and put in a spiral wine cellar.

Kitchen Trapdoor

Kitchen Trapdoor

Source – The Kitchn

Trapdoors by nature are mysterious and fun. No one knows what hides beneath the flooring. Well from now on it will be wine.  Wine lovers can install a temperature controlled wine cellar with a trapdoor entrance.

The spiral cellar design uses the earth to insulate and create good wine storage conditions. It does this using a fraction of the space of a regular cellar. It can also maintain a constant temperature with no power required.

Practical and cool. 


About the author: Emily Ford is a Perth, Australia-based interior decorator & writer for numerous local publications. She’d like to thank the team at M&M Cabinets for their kind help.

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