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We featured Dexas‘ Popware products on Dog Milk but didn’t know they made kitchen tools, too. Love these colorful, functional tools that make cooking just a little more fun. Above: Pinch Mitt Pot handle holder Fruity cutting/serving boards Ice cube trays Collapsible POP strainer Tortilla warmer (I’ve always seen these in Mexican restaurants but now I know where to get my own) (sorce:

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Mixing and Matching

This 2-by-1-inch Coastal Keystones collection in straight-mounted Tradewind features Colorbody Porcelain tile from Daltile and glass tile from Oceanside Glass Tile If you’re thinking of adding a tile backsplash, you don’t have to stick with just one material. Try combining different materials and textures to bring visual interest to your walls. The Coastal Keystones collection from Daltile features both Daltile porcelain body and Oceanside Glass Tile on pre-mounted sheets. While the porcelain offers a traditional sheen, the translucent glass offers

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