Peace Of Cake – The Peace-Symbol Cake Mold

Designed by Paul Hendrikx of Studio Mango (The Netherlands), this innovative cake mold lets you make 9″ diameter cakes in the shape of the iconic peace symbol.


The “Peace Symbol” was originally designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, a professional designer and artist. The logo was adopted by the British “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” (CND), and quickly became an icon for the entire peace movement of the 1960′s. Along with the “Smiley Face”, the “Peace Symbol” is one of the most-recognizable graphic images of the 20th century.


Now, you can express your anti-war views in a tasty & delicious way! The “Peace Of Cake” mold lets you make 9″ cakes with spaces for creative fillings (a metaphor of different factions coming together in a common cause?) – a perfect way to celebrate any peace-related occasion!



Round out the peace theme with peace symbol ice-cubes clinking around in the guests’ glasses:



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Fast and simple. The GE Advantium 240-volt Wall Oven

If your schedule is as hectic as ours then you know as much as we do that you don’t entirely start thinking about what your family will have for dinner until you get home, which would particularly be at the end of the day. That usually means spending the remainder of your evenings slaving away in the kitchen. The good news is that by eliminating the time needed to preheat this oven you can start on the family meal as soon as you’ve changed into that trusty apron and not have to sit there impatiently cursing the oven.  With this unit you will now have enough time cook like a chef with over 175 preprogrammed recipes and 30 custom recipes already in the oven, guiding you through every step as you take on those fairly hard to bake dishes or even the everyday family favorites when you’re too tired to think after work.


The easy to use sleek controls at the top of the unit help program your oven quickly and effortlessly, you can also enjoy the simplicity given by the control dial that makes it set the oven temperature or just cycle between the menu options in the meal preparation process. Prepare your favorite meals up to a whopping 8 times faster than a regular conventional oven without sacrificing the taste and juices. You can even speed cook a 5 lb roaster chicken in 33 minutes and still produce the taste and texture that you were hoping for and since there’s no need to preheat the oven before you use it you can relax knowing that you’ll have fast and consistent results every time that your family will enjoy and love while giving yourself some well deserved “me” time.


The stainless steel interior may look like it needs some tender love and care but it is indeed as easy to clean as it is to cook inside of. This unit comes with a grill tray for versatility as well so you can really enjoy the benefits of off the grill taste and a texture that will include those favorable signature grill marks. It also has 2 removable full-width oven racks that have the ability to handle a 9″ x 13″ casserole dish giving you more options than ever before with your cooking. The GE Advantium also provides an app for your smart phone with recipes, cooking instructions and even a shopping list to help you get through the day easier and more efficient as you can get the shopping done before you get home as well as plan ahead on what you’re going to make.



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Dishwashers that save time and energy.

Some of the greatest meals begin with some of the best kitchen appliances, but what about when it finally comes down to the clean up. We’ve all had those family dinners that left our sink filled with dishes and no one having the energy to clean them.



Now if this sounds vaguely familiar then you may benefit from a Miele Futura Diamond Series dishwasher. This just may be one of the quietest dishwashers currently advertised on the market and even upon having a full load you can still enjoy a quiet conversation without leaving the room. Not only is it convenient in it’s noise reduction but it also has a self closing door, powerful all round LED’s to illuminate the whole interior and two adjustable dish racks that are able to accommodate practically any cookware, dishes or cups.



It comes with numerous programs ranging from cleaning slightly dirty dishes to dried on, starchy or even cheesy foods, and it even has a built in water softener. The touch control panel allows you to program your dishwasher and even start it up to 24 hours in the future which is great because you can set it to clean dishes when you are not home. Upon registering your product it will connect to Mieles Remote Vision Wi-fi technology to monitor your appliance, as should something go wrong with your dishwasher Mieles client services center will contact you to set up a service call. A great feature that I wish all of my appliances included.

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5 Optional kitchen appliances for your everyday needs

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or remodeling your current kitchen you can always overlook a few things that would be essential for your culinary creativity to grow as well as give you better control over your work space. I’m not talking about the major appliances like our beloved Stove or Fridge, but instead the small appliances that are popular enough to be standard and those that we simply don’t think of until the time comes that we need them.

12216055_16181361_trimmedI’ll start with the Microwaves:

In today’s world we don’t always have time to cook, and reheating leftovers in an oven is also not an option if you’re strapped for time. Let’s say you want to have a movie night, the microwave is your friend from popping popcorn to defrosting your frozen meals. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and features to fit everyone’s needs and are usually standard in every household.


These things make breakfast a breeze and most of them allow you to regulate the heat settings. Which means you can make some fluffy pancakes on the low settings and turn it up to include yourself some bacon and eggs. They also come in a range of sizes so make sure to start simple.



I know a lot of people out there that would rather push that snooze button for another half an hour than to get up and make themselves some toast and waffles for breakfast. Pop in some bread and after you’re done washing up you’ll have yourself a breakfast sandwich with a little extra work.

senseo-and-keurig-are-both-good-coffee-makers-so-which-one-should-i-choose-21525460Coffee Makers:

Although they’re optional they will save you time and money. Isn’t it better to put that coffee maker into drive while you start getting ready for work and enjoy your brew, rather than stand in line at the store to overpay for a cup of coffee. Coffee makers differ from simple ones to espresso machines that taste like your favorite Starbucks.

food_in_slow_cookerThe last but not least would be a Slow Cooker:

It may not seem like something that would help too much with on the spot cooking but when left on all day it’s great to come home to the smell of a meal in the air. Seems like a sci-fi movie I know but it’s possible, just throw together something before you leave for work and come home to a ready to serve dinner with a lot of different recipes.

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5 Things to Consider Before Starting to Remodel Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodeling project is definitely a plus, by giving you the most return on your investment, right? Let’s face it, when you bring your friends over, you usually get the high-fives on the nice TV and couch set up but it’s like a dramatic event when they enter the kitchen area. You get judged from appliances to how the space usage was utilized and even down to your faucets and utensils. I’ve been there, so before you think about remodeling, think about these 5 things and be sure to get the most out of your new kitchen.

Let’s start from the ground up with the cabinets:

This is going to be the starting point of your work so you have to consider hard whether you’re going with new cabinets or just updating the look of your old ones. If the placement doesn’t bother you it’s best to try and install new door faces with different knobs and hinges, you won’t only save the majority of your cash to update your appliances but you can do this yourself with a little time and effort.

Moving onto the counter tops:

This shouldn’t be too hard once you’ve settled on the cabinet style and color. Be sure to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of material they come in and possibly pick the one with the least maintenance that will still complement your overall style.

The faucet:

Have you ever seen a kitchen without one? Me neither. Many of the faucet styles can be updated by you, making it an affordable addition to any remodeling project. It’s always a good chance to change that 1980’s stained faucet you got with the house when you purchased it from an old lady. She may be a sweet old lady but the faucets served it’s purpose and it’s gotta go.

The illumination:

Now unless you plan to live in a futuristic “Tron” type kitchen where you have neon lines for lights going through about every little curve of your kitchen then my guess is that you’re going to need to shed some light on the situation. Even the brightest and newest stainless steel appliance will look dull without the applicable lighting. Be sure to try and keep it as close to the natural lighting as possible or you will see your kitchen space losing out on some brilliance.


Sometimes we don’t all have the most convenient kitchen set-up but be sure to have adequate space for things you use most. No one likes running from one corner to the other, be sure to optimize all your cabinet space while organizing things you would need for certain cooking scenarios. That way everything is within a hands reach and sitting where you can find it as well as plan where everything would fit as you assemble your kitchen.



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