Italian Glass Flooring by Vitrealspecchi: fabulously functional

Glass flooring creates an instant, undeniable allure. There’s something about the glow and aethereal visuals that makes it immensely attractive to high-end building applications. Architects and designers love it for the creative freedom - structural glass flooring lets you “move light” throughout the structure, illuminating and showcasing different levels.

Whether a multi-story retail mall that reveals and illuminates lower-level stores via glass walkways, an environmentally-conscious museum or art gallery that uses natural light cascading through structural glass, or a luxury private residence, structural glass flooring opens a new world of design and engineering opportunities. Oh, and it’s environmentally friendly to produce, and saves energy when implemented.

The Margas Flooring collection from Italian manufacturer Vitrealspecchi offers a variety of styles and designs, made from the highest-quality glass, and with an exclusive etching process that provides a long-lasting and beautiful finish. Vitrealspecchi glass flooring is ideal for almost any application, even high-traffic areas. It can be tempered and laminated, with options for a “floating” top layer, an opaque film, or a mirror finish for a futuristic high-tech look.

Vitrealspecchi also manufactures glass staircase products, as well as kitchen cabinet doors, countertops, tabletops, and various building products. Website:

Yet another piece of evidence that, for those seeking the highest in style and quality – whether in designer range hoods, sports cars, or glass products – Italy remains the prima choice.


Vitrealspecchi Glass Flooring - Lamborghini Centre, Milan

Vitrealspecchi Glass Flooring – Lamborghini Centre, Milan


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Kitchen Tips: Convenient Storage with Restaurant-Style Dish Rack

Via one of our favorite blogs TheKitchn, this cool idea for repurposing restaurant equipment into a new role in a residential kitchen makes a lot of sense. A commercial-style dish rack + several storage tubs = convenient, flexible, relocatable storage for… well, just about anything. The tubs can be easily moved up & down to accommodate different items, and the rack’s large casters make it easy to relocate if needed.

Kitchen Tips: Commercial Restaurant Dish Rack As Storage

Kitchen Tips: Commercial Restaurant Dish Rack As Storage

Visit TheKitchn for more tips on kitchen design & decor, as well as meal ideas and creative recipes.

Also… this somehow reminds us of the Ikea Hackers idea of using a shelving unit on casters to make use of “wasted” 10-inch space between the refrigerator and the wall. Check out the space-saving tip w/more photos at “Kilby Goes For A Roll“.

Kitchen Tips: Pull-Out Pantry using IKEA "Kilby" storage unit

Kitchen Tips: Pull-Out Pantry using IKEA “Kilby” storage unit


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The Most Expensive Kitchen Range In The World (and the range hood that ventilates it)

The title of “Most Expensive Kitchen Range In The World” was long held by the Grand Palais 180 from La Cornue’s top-of-the-line Chateau series, tagged at $ 48,000. What do you get for this price? Build quality from one of the oldest ironworks in Europe, a completely unique look, plenty of customization options, and the sheer satisfaction of cooking on the “Ferrari of ranges”. Check out the Grand Palais 180 product page for all the mouth-watering details.

La Cornue Chateau Grand Palais 180

La Cornue Chateau Grand Palais 180


All good things come to an end, however. The Grand Palais has been knocked off the price pedestal by Molteni’s $ 100,000 luxury range. Yes, that would be “one hundred thousand dollars”, your eyes are not deceiving you. Why bother beating the record-holder by a measly couple of thousand dollars, when you can double it? Well done Molteni!

The made-to-order masterpiece is based on Molteni’s Professional 145 Evolution line, and is distributed by Electrolux. It takes 20 workers 500 hours to build each one at Molteni’s original factory in Saint-Uze, France, it weighs almost half a ton, it will last “a lifetime – or longer”, and it looks absolutely fantastic. Options such as gold-plated elements, and USB ports are available. You can even order one with a built-in security system (!), which we find faintly ridiculous, considering the abovementioned 1/2-ton weight… but, de gustibus non est disputandum...

Molteni $ 100,000 Range + Futuro Futuro Symbol 48inch Hood

Molteni $ 100,000 Range + Futuro Futuro Symbol 48inch Hood


Molteni has been making elite cooking equipment since 1923, and the Molteni name graces some of the most famous kitchens in the world. Alain Ducasse’s “58 Tour Eiffel” restaurant in Paris, as well as Ducasse’s other restaurants around the world, the Dolce & Gabbana “Gold Restaurant” in Milan, the “Antica Corte Pallavicina”, and many more rarefied eateries. The BMW headquarters has one, and so does the Prime Minister of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. If you own one, you’re in good company.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the range hood is that’s hanging above the $ 100,000 range – that would be our “Symbol” model, shown here in the 48″ island-mount version.

UPDATE: the Symbol is available in several sizes and configurations, from 24″ wall-mount ($1,395.00) to 48″ island-mount ($2,295.00). On display in our showroom (open to the public, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM) and in stock for immediate shipping.

UPDATE: Broadway Panhandler has a red-and-gold Molteni on display. If you happen to be in New York City, stop by and touch a culinary masterpiece.

Futuro Futuro "Symbol Island" 48-inch range hood

Futuro Futuro “Symbol Island” 48-inch range hood


Molteni range + Futuro Futuro Symbol Island hood

Molteni range + Futuro Futuro Symbol Island hood



Molteni ranges:

Broadway Panhandler
68 East 8th Street
New York, NY 10003


Futuro Futuro range hoods:

Futuro Futuro
8680 18th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214
Showroom Hours: 9AM-6PM EST


Electrolux Professional USA:

10200 David Taylor Drive
Attn: Angelo Grillas
28262 - Charlotte, - NC – USA


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New Models: 48″ Europe Island & 84″ Europe Station Island

Sleek and distinctive, the “Europe” series range hoods have been a mainstay of Futuro Futuro’s product portfolio since their inception.  With simple and clean lines, the “Europe” range hood fits into a variety of kitchen environments – from the traditional granite-and-wood-cabinetry designs, to the glossiest and minimalist-est Allmilmo and Snaidero kitchens.

It’s not all about looks, however. The “Europe” is outfitted with a 4-speed, 940-CFM blower motor (inside a patented sound-absorbing chamber), and the innovative Perimeter Suction Filter system, which draws air through collector slots around a central panel, creating an “air curtain” effect for maximum capture performance. Four bright halogen lights illuminate the cooking surface, and the fingerprint-free coating makes maintenance a breeze.

Optional accessory shelves provide additional storage space and 4 more lights to maximize productivity and design impact. A mid-level glass panel can also be added to the hood, the shelves, or both.

The “Europe” is now available in a 48″ wide version to accommodate larger cooking equipment.

Please visit the product pages for more information, including latest prices & stock status, more photos, specifications, and installation manuals.

"Europe Island" designer range hood

“Europe Island” designer range hood


"Europe Station" designer range hood

“Europe Station” designer range hood w/shelf & glass panels

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Cool Kitchen Hacks: transform a vase into a knife holder

via Ikea Hackers, this simple yet cool idea for transforming a glass vase into a knife holder caught our attention.

1 Ikea REKTANGEL glass vase + several packs of bamboo skewers or chopsticks = instant knife organization!

Of course, any other heavy-bottomed vase or similar container can be used. Just make sure it’s tall enough to accommodate the blade length of your longest knife.

Ikea Hacks - Rektangel Vase Knife Holder

Ikea Hacks – Rektangel Vase Knife Holder


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