Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget


Does this kitchen look familiar? It is the Apartment Kitchen. I believe it was installed in every apartment built between 1978 and 1995. It is difficult to hate the Apartment Kitchen — it just is. But there is not much to love about it, either. So when One Kings Lane editor Kerstin, who had the Apartment Kitchen, met stylist Megan Pflug, who was looking to do an “easy but stylish” kitchen before and after, she jumped at the chance.


Yes — it is the same kitchen. I know. I couldn’t believe it either. Using this kitchen by Danish design firm Københavns Møbelsnedkeri as her inspiration, Megan made this formerly drab space look like a million bucks. And on a small budget, without any demo at all. So of course now we’re all wondering: HOW DID SHE DO THAT? Here’s how:

To imitate the look of glass cabinets without making a big change, Megan removed the doors from the upper cabinets and filled them with simple glassware.
The cabinets (including the inside of the upper cabinets) and all the walls were painted in Benjamin Moore’s Blue Ice. The light color opens up the space, and painting walls and cabinets the same color gives the kitchen a luxe, custom look.
New brass hardware adds to the luxe feel of the space — and as a bonus, extra-long drawer pulls double as a place to hang towels.
Custom storage solutions, including a console table with shelving and wall-mounted shelves, ease the burden on the cabinets and make everything less cluttered.
A large mirror on the backsplash bounces light and creates the illusion of a larger space. (If this mirror totally fooled you into thinking there was a pass-through added during the reno, you’re not the only one — I thought the same thing. Which means: it’s working, right?)


(source: apartmenttherapy

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Scandi design kitchens walnut red @Design-craft

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Would You Use a Glass Vase to Hold Kitchen Tools?


Here’s a detail I noticed in a recent House Tour at our sister design site, Apartment Therapy: Cynthia uses a glass cylinder vase to hold her kitchen utensils, in lieu of a crock or jug. Would you do this? Here’s what I like about the setup.

I’ve been debating over the idea of taking some of my utensils out of drawers in the kitchen and putting them in a container by the stove for faster access while cooking. But I have a pretty modern, sleek-lined kitchen (you can see photos of my kitchen renovation here) and I don’t want to clutter the countertops with a traditional crock or pitcher.

This glass cylinder caught my eye, because of the functionality — you can immediately see which tool you’re grabbing! — and for the looks. It’s just sleek and clean. It does look rather tall; I wonder if it’s hard to get things out, although the height does keep all the tools corralled well.

I can predict with some accuracy what you guys will say about this (I’m such a soothsayer when it comes to Kitchn comments!). It’s not practical, and it will show grease immediately. I agree with this, but I’m still tempted. After all, I’d rather clean things as they get dirty, rather than just hiding dirt, don’t you agree?


(source: thekitchn)

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Classic kitchen design cleveland

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5 Time-Saving Tips for Kitchen Appliances


Keep the kitchen running smoothly with plenty of storage and space for appliances. Vermont kitchen painted in Ivory, John Lewis

1. A cooker with two ovens is a real asset. Multifunction models with heating elements at the top and bottom, plus a fan and grill offer flexibility when catering for large numbers.

2. If you’re often entertaining a crowd, consider investing in a wine cabinet. Most have separate areas for storing red and white, but if space is tight, choose a single temperature, slimline model.

3. The latest multi-cookers combine a slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer in one. They can roast meat as well as make stew and curry.

4. If you’re a frequent baker, a stand mixer makes mixing large batches of cookies easy. Look for a splatter guard lid that fits over the bowl and a flexible beater with a silicone edge.

5. Food processors make light work of chopping, whisking, and even making pastry for freezing to help you get ahead.


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