Ultra-modern glass “Luxor” range hood – extensions now available

Due to popular demand, we’re now offering a chimney extension for the all-glass “Luxor” wall range hood. The vertical chimney of Futuro Futuro range hoods is height-adjustable, with 2 sections that telescope out in order to accommodate a variety of ceiling heights. The extension accessory is 38″ high, and replaces the original 20″ high upper portion of the chimney, adding 18″ to the maximum height of the range hood. With the extension, the Luxor Wall model can accommodate ceiling heights

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We featured Dexas‘ Popware products on Dog Milk but didn’t know they made kitchen tools, too. Love these colorful, functional tools that make cooking just a little more fun. Above: Pinch Mitt Pot handle holder Fruity cutting/serving boards Ice cube trays Collapsible POP strainer Tortilla warmer (I’ve always seen these in Mexican restaurants but now I know where to get my own) (sorce: design-milk.com)

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