5 Tips for a Streamlined Kitchen

When it’s time to buy a new kitchen, it’s the ideal opportunity to re-evaluate your needs and consider the most effective way to get the most from your space. A well-planned combination of cabinet space, open shelving and drawer units can make all the difference to the available storage space – especially in compact kitchen areas. For a streamlined design, here are the top tips to consider: 1.Try a asymmetrical look and team together wall-mounted cabinets and open shelves to

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Frugal Living: How to Make Any Fridge More Efficient in 5 Steps

Want to know how to make your fridge run as smoothly as possible, to save energy (and you money) in the long run? We’ve got five things you can try today to make your fridge more efficient. What You Need Equipment and Tools Refrigerator Vacuum with a hose attachment Appliance thermometer Instructions 1. Keep it clean. We’re talking inside and out. Here’s an in-depth look at cleaning the inside (including how to save energy while doing so): How To Clean

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