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Remote blower kit for all Futuro Futuro range hoods with a 4-speed electronic control panel.

Although Futuro Futuro range hoods are very quiet under normal operational conditions, this kit allows you to make your range hood even quieter, by relocating the existing blower motor up to 21 feet away (for example, into the attic or behind a wall).

The kit includes: all necessary duct adapters, a custom enclosure, and a 21-foot power/control cable extension.

The cable extension preserves the advanced functions of the electronic control panel. By using this blower kit, you will be able to control the remote blower from the existing control panel.

This enclosure allows you to remove the internal blower and install it in a remote indoor location (e.g. attic). It includes all necessary mounting hardware, 21-foot extension cable, and duct adapters.

Dimensions Width: 12" Depth: 12" Height: 10"
Other Information
Mounting Hardware Included? Yes
Country of Production Italy


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Model: Remote Blower Kit

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