-32% Carbon Filter - Standard 2-pack

Model: Carbon Filter - Standard 2-pack


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All Futuro Futuro range hoods can be installed in either ducted (exhausted to the outside) or ductless (recirculating) mode.

Although ducted application is always recommended, sometimes it is simply impossible to install a duct - for example, in high-rise buildings, many condominiums and co-op apartments. In such situations, the range hood can still be used, together with a carbon filter that will absorb cooking odors and return the cleaned air to the kitchen.

All carbon filters require replacement after a period of time, depending on your cooking conditions and frequency. The Futuro Futuro carbon filters are specifically designed to provide extended-usage performance, lasting up to 5 times compared to generic carbon filters. Mounting hardware is included.

The Standard Carbon Filter cartridges are sold as a set of two, and are compatible with the models listed in the "Features" column. If you're not sure which type of carbon filter your range hood model requires, please contact our Technical Department by phone at 1-800-230-3565 Option 3, and we will be glad to assist you.

Diameter 6.5"
Other Information
Mounting Hardware Included? Yes
Country of Production Italy


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Model: Carbon Filter - Standard 2-pack

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