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Model: Chimney Extension - Island Round


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The height-adjustable chimneys included with Futuro Futuro range hoods consist of 2 parts, with the upper portion sliding into the lower portion in order to accommodate range hood installation under various ceiling heights.

The Chimney Extension accessory replaces the upper portion of the standard chimney with an extended piece, increasing the total height of the unit by an additional 24 inches (2 feet) above the maximum height specified on the model page (varies by model).

Includes outer stainless steel cover as well as inner structural support (load-bearing latticework).

Made from the same highest-grade AISI 304 stainless steel, and polished with the same finish, the Chimney Extension accessory allows installing your new range hood under a taller than usual ceiling, while keeping the beautiful appearance of stainless steel throughout.

Please note: the Chimney Extension accessory is not intended to function as a 3rd piece (add-on).

Compatible models are listed in the "Features" column of this page. If your range hood model is not listed, please feel free to contact our Technical Department by phone at 1-800-230-3565 (Option 3), and we will be glad to assist you.

Island-mount models:

36" Galaxy
36" Integra
36" Moon Crystal
36" Moon Inox
24" Moon Crystal
24" Moon Inox
Dimensions Height: 47" Width: 13" Depth: 10 1/2"
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Model: Chimney Extension - Island Round

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