Futuro Futuro Range Hoods - Murano Collection

Breathtakingly beautiful, the "Murano Collection" line of island and wall range hoods from Futuro Futuro feature colorful glass enclosures in various designs, becoming much more than a high-power kitchen hood. The new trend-setters bring together innovative technologies, highest-grade materials, and the unique flair of authentic Italian design.

The Murano Collection range hoods include the best of modern kitchen ventilation technology a powerful and quiet blower, 4 speeds, patented Perimeter Suction Filter System, adjustable chimney, bright halogen lights with "Easy-Open" tool-less light fixtures, convenient features such as the filter cleaning reminder and delayed shut-off, and more. Like all other Futuro Futuro range hoods, the Murano Collection hoods can be used in both ducted and ductless (recirculating) modes.

Bright halogen lights illuminate the cooking surface, while the internal light brings the design of the glass to life, turning this advanced kitchen appliance into a living work of art.

Power, beauty, and function the essence of the Murano Collection range hoods by Futuro Futuro.


Designer Range Hood - Alfa by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Autumn by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Breeze by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Empire by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Fortuna by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Frost by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Glow by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Moonlight by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Moon by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Motion by Futuro Futuro

New York

Designer Range Hood - New York by Futuro Futuro


Designer Range Hood - Orion by Futuro Futuro


Designer Glass Range Hood - Murano Snow


Designer Glass Range Hood - Murano Zebra