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Range Hood FAQ - Perimeter Suction System

Range Hood FAQ: Perimeter Suction System

  1. What is "Perimeter Suction System"?
    • The Perimeter Suction System is an evolution in kitchen range hood filter design. Air is drawn into the range hood through "collector slots" around the central deflector panel, creating an "air curtain" effect.
    • By shaping the airflow, a perimeter suction hood offers improved overall performance, as well as increased suction at the sides of the unit, compared to traditional mesh filters, where most of the suction is concentrated in the center and drops off rapidly toward the sides.
  2. What are the advantages of this system?
    • The dishwasher-safe grease collecting filter is concealed behind the deflector panel, and is easily accessible by flipping open the panel.
    • The outside of the deflector panel is made from the same polished stainless steel as the range hood, making it look great and easier to clean as well.
    • Sound reduction is achieved by lining the inside of the deflector panel with a specially formulated material that absorbs the blower noise, making the range hoods outfitted with the Perimeter Suction System approximately 20% quieter.
    • Additional noise reduction can be achieved by using the optional accessories "Silent System" and "Remote Blower Kit".