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42 Inch Range Hoods

  • A range hood is an appliance that removes air pollution caused by cooking. Steam, grease, odors, carbon monoxide, excess moisture and waste heat - all of those things can make the cooking process unpleasant. With a high-performance range hood, properly installed and ducted to the outside of the house, all of those pollutants will be captured and extracted, allowing fresh air in to replace them.
  • One of the most important considerations when choosing a range hood is selecting the right size for the job. Although it's possible to use the range hood that's the same width as the cooktop/range, it's always preferable to have the range hood a little larger. That's because as the polluted, hot air rises, it spreads out (see illustration).
  • Cooking Pollution
    Designer Range Hood "Acqualina"
  • If the range hood is wider than the range, it will capture more of the "pollution plume" than a smaller-sized range hood. Installed at the recommended height (26-30 inches), an oversized hood should capture the vast majority of the grease-laden cooking air. The increased efficiency allows you to operate the range hood at lower speeds (compared to one that's too small or installed too high), which results in quieter performance and a more comfortable cooking experience.
  • In an island application, where the cooktop is setup on a central island or peninsula, this principle becomes even more important. Since there are no walls to block the airflow, the "pollution plume" from the cooktop is subject to cross-drafts. Whenever a door or window is opened, or the A/C turns on, the resulting change in airflow will disrupt the pollution plume and makes it miss the edge of the range hood.
  • To compensate for this, and provide owners of island-mount 30" and 36" wide cooktops and ranges with adequate (not to mention stylish!) ventilation, Futuro Futuro is now offering our most popular designs - the Acqualina Glass and Moon Crystal - in new 42" wide versions.