Contemporary Vent Hoods
Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Contemporary kitchen designs offer a great variety of colors, textures, and patterns. The goal of contemporary design is not to adhere to a particular idea, but rather to express the unique style of the home through the most appropriate materials and forms. Mixtures of reflective and matte surfaces, wood cabinetry contrasting with stainless-steel appliances, frosted glass doors reflecting the somber granite of the countertop, colorful plastics and brushed metal... the possibilites are truly endless.

As an integral part of any well-designed kitchen, the ventilation hood should reflect the atmosphere of the space. There are many options to choose from, ranging from units made completely from stianless steel, to designs featuring a mix of steel and glass, as well as bold and experimental models that showcase curved panels, digital displays, and tinted glass.

Minimalism rules the day in this kitchen. The dining area is clearly separated from the rest of the kitchen space, by distance as well as the texture of the rug. The cooking area is concentrated in one corner, right next to the sink/food-prep counter. This minimizes the time and effort spent on cleaning and preparing the food and transferring it to the cooking area. The cabinet faces form a visual continuity, with the sleek handles creating a guideline that draws the eye to the center of activity in the corner. The angular shape of the Altair range hood blends perfectly with the geometric forms, yet stands out in the light from the window, which frames the high-end ventilation hood and makes the block of steel appear as an organic component of the room.

In this large open kitchen, the cabinetry provides storage space but also serves to divide the space into clearly defined areas. The dark wood of the floor gives way to the lighter lacquered cabinetry, which frames the white laminate inserts and stainless-steel appliances. The transition from dark to light wood provides a continuity of material while introducing the change in color, and the contrast between the warmly organic wood and the gleaming intensity of stainless steel fits perfectly into the light-hearted atmosphere of the room. The cooking area - the activity center of the room - is completed with the strict cubist lines of the Europe island range hood.

As mentioned before, there are no hard rules in contemporary design, and sometimes a dramatic contrast is exactly what's needed. Pairing jet-black cabinet fronts with a satin-finished off-white frame, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances, creates a bold look that perfectly expresses the owner's energy and passion. Rising from the smooth floor surface, the cubist split islands clearly divide the room into separate areas for preparation, storage, and cooking. Hovering like a futuristic spaceship above the cooktop, the Loft range hood completes the picture, its straight lines and right angles in perfect harmony with the businesslike space.