Aviation Theme Kitchen Remodel

By | June 8, 2012
  • Project: The Aviator Kitchen
  • Futuro Futuro Product: 34″ Murano “Motion” Range Hood
  • Kitchen Design: Collaboration between the homeowners and Renewable Living, Inc.
  • Kitchen Fabrication: Renewable Living, Inc.
  • Location: North Miami Beach, Florida
  • Client: Justiz-Fuentes Residence, owners of The Safe Fuel Systems, specializing in Aircraft Maintenance and Accessories.

The Aviator kitchen concept was based on the idea of the owners having their home customized as an Aviator’s Retreat. The Aviator Kitchen’s aerodynamic shape was inspired from the owner’s aerospace lifestyle. The Futuro Futuro Murano Motion Hood with its streamlined curves added sophistication and innovation to the clean design of the kitchen.

The kitchen layout incorporates the concept of the work triangle. This concept organizes the three essential workstations of kitchen: 1) Storage, 2) Cleaning/Preparation, and 3) Cooking on the points of a triangle.
The storage area is the first point of the triangle. It comprises the pantry for dry storage and refrigerator/freezer for cold storage. The second point groups the sink and dishwasher drawers together for cleaning. Countertop space is provided on both sides of the sink for preparation. The range, oven and induction cooktop are the centerpiece of the kitchen at the third point of the triangle.

The appliances were selected by the owners, and seamlessly integrated with the cabinetry. The natural gas oven with burners was selected as the main cooking appliance for large meals. For small-scale cooking, the induction cooktop heats up food efficiently with a minimal waste of energy. The heat is concentrated only on the metal cookware where the food is. Less energy is needed to cook with, and less energy is needed to cool the room that is normally heated by the cooking equipment.

The dishwasher drawer uses a small amount of space and helps conserve energy and water. The refrigerator is built in to the pantry to create a single storage unit.

The Futuro Futuro range hood captures and exhausts the vapors and odors created by cooking, which helps to keep the air quality of the house at its best, in spite of the house’s open plan concept. It lights up the cooking area of the range with a unique glowing pattern, and can be dimmed to vary the visual effect from subtle to stunning.

The final effect is a spacious, airy, and inviting kitchen space that’s ergonomic for the cook, visually pleasing, and an ideal space for family and friends to gather. Streamlined cabinetry and custom countertop layout reflect the homeowners’ aerospace lifestyle.

Renewable Living can be contacted at:

Andrew Manero LEED AP BD+C
5061 NW 13th Ave, Suite E
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
(561) 901-3513

Floor plan based on homeowners’ aerospace lifestyle

Custom curved countertop

34-inch Murano “Motion” Island Range Hood by Futuro Futuro

Professional-style Wolf gas range

Range hood & backsplash offer textures suggesting movement




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