Perimeter Suction System – an evolution in range hood technology

By | July 12, 2012

How do you improve a range hood that’s already offering powerful airflow, low noise, unique design, and authentic Italian craftsmanship? You invent a new filter system!

The Perimeter Suction system is an evolution in kitchen ventilation technology. It shapes the airflow into an “air curtain” effect, making the range hood more efficient as well as quieter.

Futuro Futuro offers over 100 models of designer Italian range hoods with the Perimeter Filter System, as well as over 100 other models utilizing a variety of filter solutions.

Please visit the FAQ: Perimeter Suction page of our website to find out more & see a list of models equipped with this technology!

Perimeter Suction Range Hood Filter

Perimeter Suction Range Hood Filter


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