New Photos – Murano “Moonlight” designer glass range hood

By | July 16, 2012

The Murano Collection line of designer glass range hoods from Futuro Futuro includes some of the most unique and outstanding designs on the market. The idea behind “Murano Collection” was to transform the range hood from an appliance to a truly decorative object, by replacing the stainless steel of the hood body with a wrap-around glass panel and illuminating it from the inside.

The “Moonlight” takes this concept a step further, with the nature-inspired design laser-cut through a stainless-steel overlay on top of the glass. This creates a subtle 3D effect when the internal lights are on, and offers a polished stainless-steel look with the lights off. It’s an appliance, it’s a decorative light fixture, it’s an art object!

The photo gallery of this model now features over a dozen images – from contemporary kitchen designs featuring this unique range hood, to close-ups that reveal the visual effect. Visit the product pages and click through the “More Pictures” links to really “get the picture”!

The Murano Collection “Moonlight” range hood is available in several versions for a variety of cooking equipment. It’s outfitted with a powerful yet quiet 940-CFM blower and the advanced Perimeter Suction system, offering high performance in addition to high-class looks.

Murano "Moonlight" 3D Effect Glass Range Hood by Futuro Futuro

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