Unique, Unusual Toaster Design Concepts

By | September 7, 2012

Since 1893, when the first toaster made its commercial appearance, billions of bread slices, bagels, and other baked goods have been heated & crisped by this incredibly useful mini-appliance.

Of course, through over a century of innovation, the toaster went through quite a few evolutions, from the General Electric “Model D-12” to the automated, heat-sensing, chrome-plated, timer-equipped modern creations, with all the bells & whistles one might expect.

General Electric Model D-12 Toaster - 1910's high-tech!

General Electric Model D-12 Toaster –
1910’s high-tech!

Dualit NewGen Chrome Toaster

Dualit NewGen Chrome Toaster –
1946 design, 2012 innovation

Having perfected the toasting technology and the controls, designers unleashed their vision, producing toaster models that range from retro-style streamlined chrome designs, to outstanding special-edition creations like the “Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Edition” toaster by Radi Design, with analog knobs, plenty of chrome, and muscular curves.

Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Edition Toaster by Radi Design

Ford Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Edition Toaster by Radi Design

Looking to the future, many alternatives and additions to the concept of “heating elements in a box” are emerging. YankoDesign has a review of 10 toaster designs that are sure to surprise, amaze, and inspire. Check out the “Top 10 Toaster Designs” article – and never buy a boring toaster again!

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