Italian Glass Flooring by Vitrealspecchi: fabulously functional

By | November 9, 2012

Glass flooring creates an instant, undeniable allure. There’s something about the glow and aethereal visuals that makes it immensely attractive to high-end building applications. Architects and designers love it for the creative freedom – structural glass flooring lets you “move light” throughout the structure, illuminating and showcasing different levels.

Whether a multi-story retail mall that reveals and illuminates lower-level stores via glass walkways, an environmentally-conscious museum or art gallery that uses natural light cascading through structural glass, or a luxury private residence, structural glass flooring opens a new world of design and engineering opportunities. Oh, and it’s environmentally friendly to produce, and saves energy when implemented.

The Margas Flooring collection from Italian manufacturer Vitrealspecchi offers a variety of styles and designs, made from the highest-quality glass, and with an exclusive etching process that provides a long-lasting and beautiful finish. Vitrealspecchi glass flooring is ideal for almost any application, even high-traffic areas. It can be tempered and laminated, with options for a “floating” top layer, an opaque film, or a mirror finish for a futuristic high-tech look.

Vitrealspecchi also manufactures glass staircase products, as well as kitchen cabinet doors, countertops, tabletops, and various building products. Website:

Yet another piece of evidence that, for those seeking the highest in style and quality – whether in designer range hoods, sports cars, or glass products – Italy remains the prima choice.


Vitrealspecchi Glass Flooring - Lamborghini Centre, Milan

Vitrealspecchi Glass Flooring – Lamborghini Centre, Milan

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