Dishwashers that save time and energy.

By | February 8, 2013

Some of the greatest meals begin with some of the best kitchen appliances, but what about when it finally comes down to the clean up. We’ve all had those family dinners that left our sink filled with dishes and no one having the energy to clean them.



Now if this sounds vaguely familiar then you may benefit from a Miele Futura Diamond Series dishwasher. This just may be one of the quietest dishwashers currently advertised on the market and even upon having a full load you can still enjoy a quiet conversation without leaving the room. Not only is it convenient in it’s noise reduction but it also has a self closing door, powerful all round LED’s to illuminate the whole interior and two adjustable dish racks that are able to accommodate practically any cookware, dishes or cups.



It comes with numerous programs ranging from cleaning slightly dirty dishes to dried on, starchy or even cheesy foods, and it even has a built in water softener. The touch control panel allows you to program your dishwasher and even start it up to 24 hours in the future which is great because you can set it to clean dishes when you are not home. Upon registering your product it will connect to Mieles Remote Vision Wi-fi technology to monitor your appliance, as should something go wrong with your dishwasher Mieles client services center will contact you to set up a service call. A great feature that I wish all of my appliances included.

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