Fast and simple. The GE Advantium 240-volt Wall Oven

By | February 18, 2013

If your schedule is as hectic as ours then you know as much as we do that you don’t entirely start thinking about what your family will have for dinner until you get home, which would particularly be at the end of the day. That usually means spending the remainder of your evenings slaving away in the kitchen. The good news is that by eliminating the time needed to preheat this oven you can start on the family meal as soon as you’ve changed into that trusty apron and not have to sit there impatiently cursing the oven.  With this unit you will now have enough time cook like a chef with over 175 preprogrammed recipes and 30 custom recipes already in the oven, guiding you through every step as you take on those fairly hard to bake dishes or even the everyday family favorites when you’re too tired to think after work.


The easy to use sleek controls at the top of the unit help program your oven quickly and effortlessly, you can also enjoy the simplicity given by the control dial that makes it set the oven temperature or just cycle between the menu options in the meal preparation process. Prepare your favorite meals up to a whopping 8 times faster than a regular conventional oven without sacrificing the taste and juices. You can even speed cook a 5 lb roaster chicken in 33 minutes and still produce the taste and texture that you were hoping for and since there’s no need to preheat the oven before you use it you can relax knowing that you’ll have fast and consistent results every time that your family will enjoy and love while giving yourself some well deserved “me” time.


The stainless steel interior may look like it needs some tender love and care but it is indeed as easy to clean as it is to cook inside of. This unit comes with a grill tray for versatility as well so you can really enjoy the benefits of off the grill taste and a texture that will include those favorable signature grill marks. It also has 2 removable full-width oven racks that have the ability to handle a 9″ x 13″ casserole dish giving you more options than ever before with your cooking. The GE Advantium also provides an app for your smart phone with recipes, cooking instructions and even a shopping list to help you get through the day easier and more efficient as you can get the shopping done before you get home as well as plan ahead on what you’re going to make.



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