Peace Of Cake – The Peace-Symbol Cake Mold

By | February 28, 2013

Designed by Paul Hendrikx of Studio Mango (The Netherlands), this innovative cake mold lets you make 9″ diameter cakes in the shape of the iconic peace symbol.


The “Peace Symbol” was originally designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, a professional designer and artist. The logo was adopted by the British “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” (CND), and quickly became an icon for the entire peace movement of the 1960’s. Along with the “Smiley Face”, the “Peace Symbol” is one of the most-recognizable graphic images of the 20th century.


Now, you can express your anti-war views in a tasty & delicious way! The “Peace Of Cake” mold lets you make 9″ cakes with spaces for creative fillings (a metaphor of different factions coming together in a common cause?) – a perfect way to celebrate any peace-related occasion!



Round out the peace theme with peace symbol ice-cubes clinking around in the guests’ glasses:



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