Contemporary Kitchen Design

by Futuro Futuro Range Hoods

The kitchen is the "heart of the home", the place where food is prepared, and family and friends gather. Parties, late-night homework sessions, ideas discussed over a cup of coffee, and of course, dinners as a family - this is where memories are made.

From the days of Ancient Greece, where the kitchen was an open-air patio in the center of the home, through the invention of the stove which made indoor cooking possible, to the relatively modern introductions of farmhouse kitchen and central island concepts, kitchen design and layout has changed significantly. One thing remains the same, however - the kitchen is the focal point of activity in any house.

Modern kitchens differ significantly from the cramped, uncomfortable rooms of the olden days. Today's modern and contemporary kitchens are positioned as an essential part of the living space, and artfully integrated in the rest of the house decor. In many modern homes, the kitchen space is prominently visible as soon as you walk through the front door, and often shares airspace with the living room or family room.

One of the most appealing aspects of modern kitchen design is the endless array of possibilities. With the materials, shapes, and appliance choices available today, the look of your new kitchen is limited only by your imagination. In this article, we'll present some ideas that could serve as inspiration for anyone planning a kitchen remodel.

Pedini DC - Logan Circle Historic Townhouse Remodel
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  • Location: Logan Circle, Washington, DC
  • Kitchen Design: Pedini DC
  • Range Hood: Streamline by Futuro Futuro (36-inch wall-mount version)
  • In this contemporary renovation of a historic townhouse, the kitchen called for a minimalist design with strong lines that tied seamlessly with the rest of the living space. This was achieved using white corian and handleless grey cabinets.
  • The sleek Futuro Futuro Streamline wall range hood creates visual continuity with the floating shelves and stainless-steel lighting fixtures, and provides 940 CFM of ventilation power to keep grease out of the kitchen air.
  • The Streamline range hood is available in island-mount and wall-mount versions, with white or light-blue accent light, and in various sizes to accommodate a wide variety of kitchen ventilation requirements.

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  • Location: Georgetown, Washington, DC
  • Kitchen Design: Pedini DC - Magika series
  • Range Hood: Ravenna by Futuro Futuro
  • This "Magika" kitchen by Pedini is a contemporary masterpiece. Immaculate graphite-grey laminate base, sleek glossy white lacquered wall units, and graphite laminate worktops.
  • The Ravenna wall-mount range hood by Futuro Futuro is the perfect finishing touch for this ultra-clean design.
  • The mirror-smooth finish of the Ravenna, coupled with its graceful lines and organic curves, complements the visual aesthetic of this high-end luxury kitchen design.
  • Wall illumination from undercabinet lighting, as well as the range hood backlight, creates an interplay of light that adds vibrance to the room.
  • The Ravenna range hood is available in 22" wall-mount version, suitable for cooktops and ranges up to 30" in width.
  • Multiple Ravenna units can be installed side-by-side to accommodate larger cooking equipment.

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  • Design Challenge: provide cooktop ventilation without obstructing view
  • Kitchen Design: Zaccariotto Cucine
  • Range Hood: Jupiter Island by Futuro Futuro
  • Cooking with a view is great. By placing the cooktop in front of a large window, natural light provides comfortable illumination throughout the cooking process.
  • However, ventilating a cooktop in front of a window is a challenge. Using a bulky, traditional range hood is simply out of the question.
  • Solution? The cylindrical 14-inch Jupiter Island range hood from Futuro Futuro.
  • Ceiling attachment allows flexible placement, polished stainless-steel body works well with any kitchen design, and powerful 940-CFM blower motor provides plenty of ventilation power.
  • Above: the Zaccariotto Doge kitchen is outfitted in high-tech style. Cabinet bodies are made from lightweight particleboard, with the cabinet faces in polished aluminum with horizontal plank effects. Cabinet handles are bridge-style, in finely polished stainless-steel. A gray laminate base provides a subtle contrast with cabinet facing, and its neutral tone visually connects with the stainless steel elements throughout. Countertop features a tempered-glass overlay, with stainless-steel edges and rear trim.
  • Below: chocolate cabinets balance nicely with the stainless-steel countertop, creating a confident, professional look. Rear countertop edging echoes the proportions of the stainless-steel tool rack below the china cabinets, which are equipped with frosted glass fronts to hint at the treasures within.
  • The overall look is futuristic, while remaining utilitarian and comfortable.

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  • Design Concept: "What a difference a handle makes"
  • Kitchen: Zaccariotto Cucine - Cinquanta line
  • Range Hood: Altair Island by Futuro Futuro
  • "Design is in the details". Small elements such as cabinet handles can become parts of the visual design in their own right.
  • In these Cinquanta kitchens by Italian kitchen maker Zaccariotto, the cabinet handles make a design statement with variying colors and materials.
  • Warm wood handles against laminated cabinets create a playful contrast with a comfortable feel.
  • Making the handles the same height and color as the cabinet base provides visual continuity throughout the design.
  • Kitchen design can be easily updated by simply switching the cabinet handles, without expensive cabinet refacing or replacement.
  • In the center of the room, the angular Altair stainless-steel range hood by Futuro Futuro creates a focal point of interest.

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  • Design Concept: decorative glass cabinet faces
  • Kitchen Design: GiCinque Cucine - Zenith
  • Range Hood: Quest by Futuro Futuro
  • Glass is an extremely versatile material, especially when it comes to cabinet faces.
  • These cabinets from the Italian kitchen manufacturer GiCinque feature full-size glass facings with subtle frosted finish (top left).
  • Those wishing for a more dramatic effect can choose the etched nature-inspired design (top right).
  • Stainless-steel framing and aluminum trim make these cabinets strong & lightweight.
  • The glass-fronted Quest ventilation hood by Futuro Futuro, available in black or white glass, completes the showcase design.