Range Hood Installation

Sloped / angled / very high ceiling

In order to install a range hood under a sloped/angled/cathedral ceiling, or a very high ceiling, your contractor may build a "soffit box". A soffit box is a simple construction, made from 2x4's, covered with sheetrock and usually painted to match the ceiling.

A soffit box only needs to be large enough to provide a secure mounting point for the range hood's vertical chimney, but can be made much larger to add to the overall design of the kitchen. For example, a large soffit over the countertop provides a visual "divider" that separates the cooking area from the dining/living room, creating a design counterpoint to the island counter below.

The soffit can become a design element in its own right. For example, additional lighting, decorative trim, or a creative paint technique can be added to the soffit in order to liven up the area.